The Gift of Magi

The final story that I illustrated for 'Stories to Grow By' is the classic Christmas tale of "The Gift of Magi". I really enjoyed my time with 'Stories to Grow By' while it was still going, but I look forward to whatever comes next in my career as an artist!

The Baba Yaga

Another classic children's story I illustrated for 'Stories to Grow By'! Because 'Stories to Grow By' prefers their illustrations nice and tame, the fearsome Russian witch known as the Baba Yaga, is interpreted in my drawings as a bony old lady with a toothy grin.

How to Turn Dirt Into Gold

Another story I illustrated for 'Stories to Grow By' about an alchemist who is aided in his desire to turn dirt into gold, by the father of his bride-to-be (by means of growing bananas)! And interesting story, and one that I sought to do in a style similar to a lot of Southeast Asian tapestry paintings you would find from thousands of years ago! https://storiestogrowby.org/story/how-to-turn-dirt-into-gold-folktale-st...

More Stories to Grow By (Robert the Bruce)

Although I am currently finished illustrating for the website 'Stories to Grow By', they did allow me to share some of my illustrations to their stories that have yet to be updated. One of them was for the classic Scottish tale of Robert the Bruce, and for this story, I sought inspiration from the works of the Irish animation studio, Cartoon Saloon, for the medieval tapestry/stained glass look mixed with the stylish of modern cartoon expressionism.