Mr. Basic Swordfight

Here is one of my demonstrations with hand-drawn animation, using ToonBoom.

How Not to Lose Sight of Your Holiday Spirit

I hope that if you see this you will share it and do your part to spread good word for the holidays!

Journey Out West

Here is another demonstration of my animation exercises from a couple years back. This was an ambitious project for one of my classes (the only animation class I was taking among, my ten other drawing/art business classes), and a concept that I hope to potentially turn into a fully-fledged story one day.

Remember Being a Child at Christmas?

At this time of year, I’ve been keeping pretty busy (including working to get my career launched off the ground). And since I don’t have any memes or reviews in the works in the moment, and since I don’t want to leave my beloved DeviantWatchers hanging, here’s some thoughts I’ve decided I want to share:

So I was just watching The Grinch in preparation for the holidays (the classic Chuck Jones TV special, not either of the inferior film versions), and it just occurred to me…