They try to tell you that all is not lost.
They say you can make it through strong and proud. You repeat this to yourself countless times
So you may sleep soundly and peacefully.
But you know that it's no use. It can't be fixed.
A gape in your soul has left you feeling That life can never be as it was before.
And it can't. Maybe disregard that gape, with something to embellish or fill it?
No. That gape is there. And it's there to stay. You can't interact naturally now.
Your instinct is obliged to be restrained By the social norm for a greater good.

Every Critically-Acclaimed, Widely-Appreciated, Arousing Poem Ever Written

An opening statement gradually sets up the exposition
with word choices not normally used by the common folk.
An established mood that either succeeds or fails the premonition
provides the them, and here is where the passion is evoked.
Repeated statements expand the exposition even further,
illustrating desire and addressing the writers’ conflicts.
The writer hints feelings of others being worthier
but somehow conveys the perspective he or she depicts.
Now as the reader is growing bored of all this exposition,

Intergalactic Social Status

Look at the black emptiness about
At the millions of stars drifting afar!
In their own rights, they are giants.
From down here, they are dime-a-dozen.
Our sun is our parent,
bringing us warmth every day,
guiding us through the darkness.
Someday, however, our sun will grow weak.
Someday, the sun’s warmth will be no more.
Someday, our solar system will be dead.
Only until then do we have
to grow and learn
and be the strong, smart, resourceful
children the sun raised us to be.