Here is my YouTube page to showcase my artistic endeavors and skills with animation software:

This is one of the first commissions I’ve done. The image was used as illustration for an independently-produced horror film called Viral Demon (now called e-Demon), directed by Jeremy Wechter. I did this for him back in the summer of 2015, and the film was submitted to a New York horror film festival on the Halloween of 2016, and Jeremy won a Best Director award. Two years later at the same time of the year, the film managed to get a limited big-screen release in New York as well as Los Angeles, and then became available for rent/purchase on Amazon, Google, iTunes, Vudu, and Blu-ray.

Here is one of my demonstrations with hand-drawn animation, using ToonBoom.

Here is another demonstration of my animation exercises from a couple years back. This was an ambitious project for one of my classes (the only animation class I was taking among, my ten other drawing/art business classes), and a concept that I hope to potentially turn into a fully-fledged story one day.