Will Little Roo Ever?

Little Roo is a soon-to-be-published book written by Chuck Miller, in beloved memory of his passed 6-year-old daughter. I illustrated for him, wanting to give it a style that stood out as unique and pretty to look at, as I felt that this tribute to his late daughter was a wonderful gesture on his part that should be commended. The project was successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter, and the book is set to be released by BabyBooks (both digital and hardcover) by February 2019.

Mr. Basic Swordfight

Here is one of my demonstrations with hand-drawn animation, using ToonBoom.

How Not to Lose Sight of Your Holiday Spirit

I hope that if you see this you will share it and do your part to spread good word for the holidays!

Journey Out West

Here is another demonstration of my animation exercises from a couple years back. This was an ambitious project for one of my classes (the only animation class I was taking among, my ten other drawing/art business classes), and a concept that I hope to potentially turn into a fully-fledged story one day.