An opening statement gradually sets up the exposition
with word choices not normally used by the common folk.
An established mood that either succeeds or fails the premonition
provides the them, and here is where the passion is evoked.
Repeated statements expand the exposition even further,
illustrating desire and addressing the writers’ conflicts.
The writer hints feelings of others being worthier
but somehow conveys the perspective he or she depicts.
Now as the reader is growing bored of all this exposition,
the plot of the poem is working its way in
by means of cutting back on needless repetition
and providing a central message-or something akin.
The poet speaks of a paralleled side of the issue
that may lead to a commoner boarding that train of thought,
and for that very ignorance that reader once felt a bliss, you
can see that commoner changing, catching onto the plot.
The poet no longer refers to the exposition
being off and away in a far-distant world.
The readers may now think that they’re reading a petition
to excuse them for whatever tosh they might have just hurled.
After padding the thing for as long as the page allows
with whatever stupid-crap the reader can digest,
the poet has now diminished anything that kowtows
to the public domain. There is nothing further to contest.
Through every twist and turn in the trail, from the exposition
to every debatable point that has been pointed out,
the poet draws to a conclusion or a rendition
in a non-conclusive, un-resolving method that shouts
to the reader, “There is something you are over-looking!
Something that you never noticed had a deeper meaning,
a meaning that no other person can explain for you!”
But maybe the readers need to push this out of their heads,
for the sake of reimbursing attention to their daily affairs,
and the subject of the theme is ambiguous in today’s society,
and the poem is watered sown to merely a label in literature,
and poets are losing their potential to reach the human nature,
and forgetting all about rhythm, and losing the ability to rhyme…