Look at the black emptiness about
At the millions of stars drifting afar!
In their own rights, they are giants.
From down here, they are dime-a-dozen.
Our sun is our parent,
bringing us warmth every day,
guiding us through the darkness.
Someday, however, our sun will grow weak.
Someday, the sun’s warmth will be no more.
Someday, our solar system will be dead.
Only until then do we have
to grow and learn
and be the strong, smart, resourceful
children the sun raised us to be.
Our sun is only a dime-a-dozen,
though it is the one and only that gave us life.
Other stars think of themselves
as the the mightiest one ever created.
They indeed have their own
circles of friends
That praise them, depend on them.
Even other stars revolve around them.
Some stars are more passive,
Live humbler lives
(Such as that of our own sun),
dying calm, and slow, and silent.
Others go out with a bang.
A literal bang!
A glowing pinnacle as seen from afar!
Either their reminisce
is a tiny point of remembrance,
or there remains a black hole
towards which its closest friends gravitate
and diminish into nothing.
Each one has left an impression
on how we view the night sky.
What has aroused emotion
in our senses,
and inspired us to go
above and beyond.
And the one star that has given us life,
gave it so that we might live it.
We have little time left to do so.